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Try our therapeutic masjabón pack of soaps, soap build your therapeutic pack as best suits powderalarms three soaps, which you like best or most needed, within our wide variety of therapeutic moisturizers and soaps.
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Soap Moisturizer:


  • Aloe Vera Soap
  • Sargasso Sea Soap
  • Olive Oil Soap 100%
  • East Rose Soap
  • Super Soap Oatmeal
  • Soap Tee Red

Therapeutic Soaps:


  • Acne Treatment Soap
  • Alopecia Treatment Soap
  • Wrinkle Treatment Soap
  • Arthritis and Gout Treatment Soap
  • Circulatory Treatment Soap
  • Soap Dermatitis Treatment
  • Seborrheic Dermatitis Treatment Soap
  • Treatment Soap Deodorant
  • Fibromyalgia Treatment Soap
  • Hemorrhoid Treatment Soap
  • Soap Fungus Treatment
  • Intimate Care Soap Treatment
  • Treatment Soap Lipoescultor
  • Treatment Soap Stains
  • Pelling Treatment Facial Soap
  • Lice Treatment Soap
  • Treatment Soap Reducer
  • Sweating Treatment Soap
  • Psoriasis Treatment Soap
  • Varicose Veins treatment
  • Sunscreen Soap


“The use of any of our therapeutic soaps bring to your skin softness, freshness and sparkle. Regenerators are cellular, restore, tone and regulate the PH. Multivitaminada Its composition provides important nutrients to our skin. Continued use will you achieve an obvious therapeutic effect.

With our therapeutic may wash your face, hands, shower, makeup remover, shaving, washing hair and fight with foam dry elbows, heels and cracks. You should stop using all types of gels, shampoos, creams, oils or lotions, only then check its effect and also benefit from significant savings.

It is essential to use one of our first phase moisturizing treatment for your skin are proposing. ”

Instructions for line therapy

Advise the soap therapy split into 2 phases.

Initially, and in order to enhance the therapeutic effect, we recommend a daily shower with a bar of soap for a few days moisturizing then give way to apply a specific therapeutic soap to combat a specific problem.

Initial treatment regulates the pH of our skin, promotes rapid cell regeneration, eliminates toxins, given its powerful bactericide and disinfectant and kill any traces of chlorine and lime.

Thus we get placed to develop specific therapeutic treatment by applying a second specific soap.

This therapy is especially recommended when initiating combat pretend circulatory problems, arthritis, dermatitis, or log lipoescultor treatment or reducing, treating varicose veins, women’s intimate areas, psoriasis or hair loss.

The first treatment duchándonos took him out for several days with one of our moisturizing soaps: “Oats”, “Sargasso Sea”, “Rosa de Oriente”, “Oliva 100% natural” or “Aloe Vera”.


How do I shower with super-hydrating Masjabón?

You change your Masjabón gel super moisturizing, soaped and rinsed.THAT EASY!

How Másjabón use in your hair?

We dip the hair.

With the tablet in your hand, rub in hair, to get a lot of foam.
Rub hair well.
We clarify this foam.

We return to lather well and massaged for 2 or 3 minutes. Sometimes the foam disappears, this happens because the hair absorbs as needed. Become more foam to clear.
We clarify deeply.

In long hair or mask apply smoothing cream to your liking, Masjabón gives much volume, and the anti-alopecia gives great strength and great toughness.

Give a moment blows air dryer with better styling.
Closes the tips and gives a lot of volume to fine hair or brittle.



Some people feel tightness in the face, this happens to apply a lot of foam, too thick or apply after washing the face but we sequemos.

Having absorbed water on your skin, it will saturate long before, so leaving remainders were less effective. (Noting that rubbing the area with wet hands, to be absorbed is full).

We find the amount that each of us work better.
Masjabón can be used for dental hygiene, removes tartar, disinfects and eliminates bleeding gums. TRY A WEEK AND BE DELIGHTED.


Certain soaps – cream require special therapeutic use. These are:

Apply, 2 times daily, therapeutically as if it were a cream from the feet to the pelvis. The area to be treated must be dry before starting treatment.

To ensure its advantages (sunscreen – high, aftersun and driver patches) is important to apply on the area to be protected to ensure full penetration into your skin before going outside. In bright sunshine repeated several times, even with seawater.

LiPoescultor and gearbox:
Apply as cream (dry), 2 times a day. With mitt accelerates the effect.
It is advisable to combine with soap circulation.



If therapy matches when you want to shower, apply therapy SECONDS before, when you still have dry skin, and immediately the foam settles on your skin and can shower.

Wet skin therapy not strongly absorbed, so it is not advisable to perform the therapy after showering and hindering proper absorption by the skin pores.

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